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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy-Garden Planting Bed FAQ's
Chicken Run Portable Poultry Shelter FAQ's

Easy-Garden Planting Bed FAQ's

Can I grow potatoes in a raised bed?

Yes, our raised bed is tall enough (13") for the potatoes to grow in loose soil free from rocks.

Will Easy-Garden Planting Beds rust or deteriorate?

No, our beds are constructed of aluminum and zinc plated hardware which will give you years of service.

I can build a wooden bed from landscape timbers cheaper. Why should I buy a Easy-Garden Planting bed?

Wooden planting beds can be constructed from untreated lumber for approximately $100.00 USD. The useful life in most areas is about 2 years before you have to start making repairs or replacements. (see cost comparison page)

Can I use landscape timbers or treated lumber for a raised bed?

Beds constructed from treated lumber or railroad ties leach harmful chemicals into the soil which can kill or be absorbed by your plants. The National Organic Standards have now banned any treated lumber from contacting any plants or soil. Easy-Garden Planting Beds are constructed from aluminum and will not harm the soil or plants.

What is it?

A 4' x 5' aluminum raised planting bed. It is used to grow plants, in a relatively small space. Growing in this type of raised bed will enable a person to grow a garden above very rocky soil or on a concrete patio or deck.

Does it have a bottom?

No, but it does come with a hardware cloth to place under your choice of growing medium. This is used to keep rodents from coming up and eating the roots of plants.

How early can I start my garden?

The use of our Cold Frame option will enable you to start your seeds at least two months or more in advance.

Will the metal box heat up the soil and kill my plants at the roots?

No, the material used is aluminum and it dissipates heat rapidly. This is due to the fact that aluminum reflects the light and therefore does not absorb heat.

How late into the fall can I keep my garden going?

With the help of a cold frame and a cold frame extension you can keep frost off plants but you would need another heat source in very cold winter months. Such as a light bulb, heat tape. The use of straw bales as an insulator would help also.

How many plants can I get in a 4' x 5' area?

Using the square foot gardening method, you can ideally plant seeds or plants on a grid system every few inches or one plant per foot. It depends on the need of space for each plant.

Can I grow just certain types of plants in this, or can I grow anything?

You can use an Easy-Garden planting bin to grow a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or even a starting place for nursery plants. You wouldn't want to use it for trees or large growing shrubs.

Chicken Run Portable Poultry Shelter FAQ's

How many chickens can I put in a Chicken Run ?

Most authorities on the subject specify orrecommend 1 to 2 sq/ft per bird at the age of 8 weeks and older. We have found through practical experience that a good maximum number is approximately 45 broiler birds at 8 weeks. We on the other hand keep only 25 egg layers in our shelter which gives them 2 sq/ft per bird.

Will this shelter heat up and keep the chickens too hot in the summer?

Based on our observations and measurements the difference in temperature from outside to inside is less then 5 degrees. This is due to the fact that aluminum reflects the light and therefore does not absorb heat.

Can I keep chickens in the shelter all year round?

Yes, if your snowfall for the year allows you to move the pen every few days. You must also cover the top with a tarp or plastic to keep the snow out of the shelter. I is also recommended to cover the perforated sides with our aluminum panels to cut the draft and to help retain the heat generated by the chickens. In very cold weather it might be advisable to add several light bulbs to the shelter to help heat the unit so the combs and feet don't freeze. We had 18 layers in one during last winter and for several weeks we had very unusually deep snows and we were able to keep them from the cold.

How often should you clean a shelter?

It is recommend that the shelter be cleaned between batches of birds. This is easily accomplished by using a garden hose and/or pressure washer.

If I clean the shelter, what do I use to clean it with?

Any good soap or disinfectant would do the job, just as long as it is safe for aluminum. We us a dilute bleach solution to disinfect our shelters after we clean them with regular soap and water. You must rinse the shelter and let it dry before adding chickens.

Can a Chicken Run be used for other animals? For example game birds or rabbits?.

The holes in the side of a Chicken Run were designed for use with chickens. We are currently in the process of designing a shelter for use with quail, chuckers or pheasants.

How often do you have to move the shelter?

You should move the shelter at least every day. Since the buildup of manure in the older birds will be a problem if you don't move it every day.

Do you have a special setup for feeding and watering?

Yes, we have a watering option which uses automatic watering cups and a 5 gallon bucket (bucket not provided). The feed box panel option incorporates a feed box that can be filled from the outside of the shelter.

How much does the shelter weigh?

The shelter weighs different amounts depending what options the shelter contains. See Girl Moving Shelter for more information.

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