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The Chicken Run

3 Nest Boxes option

The nest boxes for THE CHICKEN RUN can be added to the standard shelter for use by your hens for egg production or for your hens to brood their young.


  • Constructed of aluminum and zinc plated steel hardware.
  • The bottom slides out for easy removal of nesting material. (See Photo)
  • The top opens up for egg gathering. (See Photo)
  • Built in perches (See Photo)


  • Enjoy fresh eggs from free range poultry.
  • Gather eggs without opening large top.
  • Nest boxes are mounted on the outside so shelter size does not decrease.

Nest Box Specifications

  • Size:12"d x 12"w x 14"h
  • 1/2" air gap for insulation
  • 16 Ga. aluminum
  • 3 Nest Boxes per panel
  • Up to 6 nest boxes can be attached to a shelter. 
Model Number P571
MSRP $ 498.00

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