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Press Release


New Cold Frame for Easy-Garden Planting Bins

A new design cold frame and cold frame extension for Easy-Garden Planting Bins.

October 10, 1999 -- Tammy Surgi, Vice-President of Marketing, Easy-Garden Division, Surgi Manufacturing, announced today a new cold frame, and extension for their standard planting bins.   The announcement coincides with the announcement of a new standard bin made from aluminum instead of galvanized steel.   The galvanized steel bin will still be available except it will now be called the "Nursery Version".  The new aluminum version will be called the "Standard Version" and will be available for shipment sometime in early to mid November 1999.  Features of the Easy-Garden Cold Frame are that it is constructed of aluminum and has a GE Thermoclear Lexan$reg; top.  An optional self opening device to open the top if temperatures become to hot is available.     


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