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Press Release


The Chicken Run Chick Brooder & Grow off Pen

Chick Brooder & Grow off Pen Introduced 

August 15, 2001 -- Carl Junction, MO-- Tammy Surgi, Vice President of Marketing, Easy-Garden announced today the introduction of a new product to be shown at the Country Field day in Augusta OH on September 29th, 2001.  The new product to be introduced is a chick brooder and grow off pen. The chick brooder will be the largest home use brooder on the market.  It offers more head room and brooder area than any other unit available for home or small farm use.  The integral and removable aluminum feed box will last for many years.  "We build for functional use and quality of materials and workmanship" say Tammy.  "We don't want to sell you plastic parts for your unit every year, we want to sell a brooder to your friends because you have told them what a quality product they have purchased."


If you are interested please call (1.800.25.SURGI)

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