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Due to the volatile nature of aluminmn pricing the price of the products below could flucuate weekly.
Therefore it is best if you email to get current pricing.

Shelter Products
Model# Description
P511 Portable Poultry Shelter$ 1,291.00 
P511H Small Yard Shelter (Standard)$ 672.00 
P521 Standard Shelter w/ Feeder$ 1,200.00 
P541 Standard Shelter w/3 Nest Boxes$ 1,246.00 
P551 Standard Shelter w/3 Nest Boxes and Feeder$ 1,596.00 
P551H Small Yard Shelter w/Feeder & 2 Nest Boxes$ 1,035.00 
P571 3 Nest Boxes and Nest Box Panel$ 498.00 
P581 Feeder for Standard Shelter. Includes Feeder Panel and Feeder$ 391.00 
P591 Winter Panel Set for all Standard Shelters$ 287.00 
P5A1 Door Panel with Door$ 157.00 
P5B1 P511 Shelter with Door Option$ 1,350.00 
P5C1H Small Yard Shelter Winter Panels$ 171.00 

Misc Poultry Products
Model# Description
P611 Large Tripod Watering System$ 55.00 
P621 Large Tripod w/Bowl$ 110.00 
P631 Cup Watering System$ 76.00 
P641 Chick Tripod w/ Bowl$ 105.00 
P651 Chick Tripod$ 48.00 
P661 Gamebird Tripod Watering System$ 48.00 
P671 Game Bird Tripod Watering System w/Bowl$ 105.00 
P681 3N1 Feeder$ 130.00 

Brooder Products
Model# Description
P004 Brooder Caster Base$ 143.00 
P411 Poultry/Gamebird Brooder$ 638.00 
P421 Grow-Off Unit$ 461.00 
P431 Grow-Off Entension$ 71.00 
P444 Brood & Grow Unit$ 1,356.00 
P471  Brood and Grow Combo $ 690.00  

Gardening Products
Model# Description
G111 Planting Bed$ 0.00 
G121 5" Extension Panel$ 138.00 
G171 Growing Trellis$ 46.00 
G331 Deluxe Cold Frame$ 515.00 
G341 Classic Opener$ 72.00 

Terms and Conditions

  1. All prices include single item freight to the lower 48 states. FOB, Carl Junction, MO.

  2. All sales are final. Prices are subject to change.

  3. Please notify us of any damaged or missing parts within 7 days of arrival. We will investigate claim and file a claim with Carrier.

  4. Cancellations of and order must be made no later than 24 hours placing order. All orders canceled after 24 hours will be charged a administrative fee which could be up to 10% of order total. If cancellation occurs after shipping date, there will be a 20% restocking fee plus shipping cost.

  5. Cash, bank check, Visa, or MasterCard are acceptable methods of payment.

  6. MO residents pay 6.75% sales tax.

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