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Germination Tray Kit

The Easy Garden Germination Tray Kit is great for starting seeds for your outdoor garden. picture of seed starting kit

The tray is made of light weight aluminum measuring 9" x 13" x 4". The 1/2" lip around the top makes moving safe and easy. Both the bottom (fiberglass) and cover (Lexan®) are products used in greenhouses and are designed for quick and easy cleaning. This tray will hold up to 24 starter pots. Starter pots are made out of recyclable paper strips using the Pot Maker®

Included in this package is:

  • One aluminum planting tray-with removable fiber glass bottom
  • One polyethylene reservoir for water and drainage
  • Lexan® humidity cover to enhance germination.
  • Pot Maker® for making starter pots from newspaper
  • A tube and tamper for filling starter pots.

The Germination Tray Kit is constructed to provide years of service for your home or classroom.

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