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Easy-Garden Price List

Raised Planting Bed Products

Easy-Garden Basic Planting Bin

Basic 4' x 5' planting bin (one required)

Easy-Garden 5' Extension

5' add-on unit converts the basic planting bin to a 4' x 10' unit.

Easy-Garden Climbing Plant Trellis
Optional add-on for climbing plants such as peas, green beans, or tomatoes.

Easy-Garden Varmint Barrier

The varmint barrier is used to keep rodents and animals from eating or digging in your plants. Protects from squirrels, rabbits, possums. other small herbaceous animals, deer, cats, and dogs.

Easy-Garden Deluxe Cold Frame

Cold Frame for starting or growing plants during the cool months of spring or for extending the growing season into the cool months of fall. This unit can be placed on the ground and does not have to be used with our planting bin. Can also be used all winter other heat source is needed for colder climates).

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