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Cup Watering System

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This system can be used on our shelter or mounted to a fence or wall.  This system is ideal  for use where a water supply is not available.  This system uses a low pressure gravity flow from a bucket or other container.  System must be used with less than 5 psi.  Pressure regulators are available by special order for attaching to a water system.

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Tripod Watering System

Package includes fittings for a low pressure gravity fed system or attachment to a garden hose.  Kits without bowls are also available.

Models Available

P621 Tripod with King Bowl
P641 Tripod with Chick Bowl
P671 Tripod with Game Bird Bowl

P611 King Tripod only
P651 Chick Tripod only
P661 Game Bird Tripod only

King Size Bowl shown

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