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The Chicken Run 

Portable Poultry Shelter

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THE CHICKEN RUN portable poultry shelter is for raising range poultry for meat, or producing farm fresh eggs, while fertilizing your lawn, garden or pasture.   The Chicken Run is the finest portable range chicken shelter on the market today. 

Standard Shelter:    Size 5' Wide x 10' Long x 21" High.  Holds approximately 30 hens and 40-50 broilers.  One each solid and perforated hinged access covers, three solid panels, three perforated panels, and two retractable wheels. Two handles for lifting to move.  Two handles for lifting to retract wheels and a handle for each access cover.

Features of The Chicken Run

  • Constructed of aluminum and zinc coated steel components for decades of service
  • Two 5' x 4' angled hinged tops (1 solid and 1 perforated top)
  • Six side panels (3 solid panels and 3 perforated panels)
  • Retractable wheels (wheels move  up and down on a sliding bar.)
  • 60% of top is covered to provide shade for birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Configurations Available

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  • Raise range chicken protected from predators.
  • Produce farm fresh eggs with nest boxes
  • Chickens eat weeds, bugs, and plant debris
  • Chickens till and fertilize soil where you want
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Remains sturdy and rust free for decades
  • Lightweight and easily transported to new forage
  • Can be taken apart and stored during winter if needed
  • Can be easily cleaned  and sanitized with sanitizer and a water hose.

Customer Comments:

"I have had great success with the poultry shelter and

nest boxes even during winter months".

"No more mowing between trees in my orchard".

"My 4 year old son loves gathering eggs from the boxes.  So easy"

Model Number P511
This is our standard shelter for poultry. This is a full size shelter (10'x 5') without nest boxes or feeders. The unit consists of 3 solid panels and 3 perforated panels which can be assembled in any configuration the owner desires. The unit also comes standard with one solid lid and one perforated lid.
These give 60 percent cover to the top of the unit for shade purposes. The shelter is constructed of aluminum and is assembled with zinc plated hardware for years of useful life. The open bottom design allows the chickens to live on the ground and live a natural existence. I also allows the chickens to fertilize the ground. As you move the pen each day the grass is rejuvenated from the fertilizer and the aeration of the chickens scratching the ground. Bugs and insects are also eaten by the chickens reducing pests.

This is the best unit on the market today.
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